Since I am now (again) at a new company and recruiting heavily, I am seeing hundreds of resumes. What not to do? Here are my observations.

Not to brag, but I’ve worked professionally for 20 years+ and switched among 8–9 companies, but so far I’ve managed to keep my resume on one page. That is, including my THREE (!) professional degrees. My point is, you can keep it short if you want to. When the hiring managers are screening hundreds of resumes, they don’t have time to read an essay. Keep it short and sweet. Resume is just like advertising…

Let’s face it, we all need processes. As a company grows bigger, geographically dispersed and even has employees in different time zones across continents, without processes and procedures, the operation is guaranteed to be a mess.

Some, a healthy amount of processes are good, but not too much. If so, then the processes will take on a life of its own, and swallow the productivity and efficiency. It’s like saying wearing shoes is good, but we should wear iron boots.

When do you know the processes have taken over people? Here are some symptoms I observed.

  1. Things become very…

After being at a few large companies and a few start ups, I’ve given some more thoughts about building strong organizations, based on my observation and experience on what works and what doesn’t. Here are my thoughts.

  1. Start from the top. They all say to lead by example and that a great organization is built from the top. It’s 200% true. When the leaders are strong and inspiring, the team follows. When the leaders say one thing but do different things, every one realizes that hypocrisy has taken over. The leaders at the top matters and they can make or…

For an organization going through any significant change, design thinking is key. To push for a change without understanding the why, the how and fundamentally the users’ experience after the change is counter productive. Here is how.

  1. Understand first.

What’s the current process? Have you taken the time to talk to the stakeholders, document their current workflow, understand their pain points and inquire about their wish list? Knowing the path is drastically different from walking the path. If the decision maker has not experienced the as is process first hand before idealizing the change and pushing out new processes, the…

My 17 year old daughter, Tina, is about to start college at UC Irvine. Well, start, as in doing remote learning from her dorm first. Very strange times indeed. But still, the excitement is there and she told me that she has been “stressed out” about what’s to come.

What wonderful times! I wish I were in her shoes, and could do it all over again. I remember the excitement, the hope, the uncertainty. The world is your oyster.

I wanted to share some advice for her.

  1. Make lots of mistakes. That’s really the only way to learn. The ones…

I have been reading a few books about psychology, brain, power and human behavior such as Psycho-Cybernetics, You can Heal Your Life, Build a Better Brain and lately, Friend and Foe. I notice a common theme: you’ve got to believe! Believe that the future is bright. Believe that you can do this. Believe that you can overcome the short term set back and thrive despite all the obstacles. Believe that you are smart, strong and you will be successful.

But how? After meditating over this, I came to realize that you’ve got to believe in something. While faith is a…

Let’s be real. I am not a yogi. Not by any means. I can’t even do a head stand, or any pose that requires me to be upside down. But I do think yoga brings me calmness, composure and peace in this chaotic, challenging world. And it teaches me important lessons about life.

  1. Do a little every day. It doesn’t matter how much time you can devote to it. What matters is to keep it up. Got hour and half? Great. Go to the heated room (that was, before quarantine) and knock yourself out doing hot yoga. You always feel…

Last week, like many companies in tech, my company went through a painful lay-off. Many teams lost members, mine included. The mood was gloomy, to state the least.

Let’s face it. We are in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic. Many people lost jobs, investments, advertisement revenue, investment property income, to name a few.

How do we survive this period? How do we stay together, encourage our family, friends, and team members to go through these difficulties, and to emerge again, stronger than ever?

I would like to share a few thoughts.

  1. Resist the urge of negative thinking.


Last, I described how I started my new job WFH. Now that I am up and running, how do we WFH more effectively? Here are a few tips I would like to share.

First, have a routine. I typically start my day around 9-10 am. Before that, I will try to have coffee, have a snack and get some exercise in. Sometimes I run around the block, other times I do yoga following Glo. Then I take a shower, dress up some (to be elaborated later), and start my day. I usually take a break around noon, feed the children…

Well, last week this time, I was still day dreaming that they would lift Shelter In Place in California. Today, dream crushed. WFH continues, for at least another month!

Believe it or not, I did start this new job working from home! Well, I knew my boss from before, so I cheated a little bit there. But my team is brand new, my cross functional partners are brand new, and my chain of command is brand new. All that I got is a Mac that they shipped to my house. That’s it. Ready, set, go!

To be fair, my company…

Gloriaqiao, JD, MBA

Silicon valley technologist. Writer. Amateur artist. Yogi. World traveller. Mother of two but still a child at heart.

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